Building Trust With Us

Investing in and enhancing the Research & Development department in order to make the unit remain abreast with development in the industry, we continue to develop a new model and improvise the existing range in terms of design, technology and quality of Portable Cutting Machine, Reversible Plate Compactor,Suspended Platform Hoist , Bar Bending Machine and Bar Cutting Machine. We being gung ho about ushering into innovation and excellence, provide perfect bending and cutting solutions which are accredited not only in India, but also South American, Middle East & African Countries. Our range of machines is performing smoothly and efficiently throughout the world.

Our Vision

Jaypee vision serves as a framework for the sustainable growth and describing business in an objective way. Our vision is a three-fold duty of people, portfolio and productivity that leads us become a highly effective, lean and progressive organization.

Our Mission

Our company started with a mission, which highlighted the purpose of the company. Our mission serves to inspire moments of optimism, create value and innovate construction equipment management.

Brands & Associates

JAYMAC : It is our brand associated with construction industry and its solution. It is a world renowned brand for bar bending and cutting equipment including products like Rebarbending machine, Bar Shearing Machines, Bar De-coiling and Straightening Machine, Radius Bending Machine, Digital Bending Machine, U-Bending machine and the new advanced shearing line.

JAYPEE : Since 1982 brand JAYPEE has been continuing to be the best brand in construction machinery including bar bending and cutting equipment in India. Jaypee's range of products in Rebar processing equipments are Bar Bending Machines, Bar Shearing Machines, Bar Decoiling and Straightening Machine, Digital Bending, Radius Bending Machine, Ubending machine and shearing line. Besides, Batch Mix Plant, Concrete Mixer, Mini Dumper, Walk Behind Vibratory Roller, Passenger & Material Hoist, Suspended Hoist,Bulder Hoist and Multifunction Hoist etc.

Jaypee Italia : Jaypee Italia is an overseas associate of Jaypee, which serves clients from India and abroad. It is named 'Italia' because Italy is the exclusive auxiliary unit of Jaypee India.

Winget : Winget stands on the factor of trust. Today, it is renowned for its after sales service, and other reputed attributes are quality, safety and environmental care. It symbolizes unique character and meet the demands of versatile clients.


Jaypee group is well positioned in India's premier construction infrastructure space. The state-of-the-art production facility is fully integrated and equipped with latest machinery, helping to develop products in a stipulated time frame. We have a decentralized system, which creates a wide distribution network in various projects across India. Application of latest technology ensures minimization of lengthy processes and ease out the execution process. Development of advanced production infrastructure, provided with all required resources, has empowered us to manufacture high-test Bar Bending Machine and Bar Cutting Machine which rule the roost in Indian as well as international niche markets. Production is carried out in conformity to norms and guidelines suggested by the international industry. Moreover, our in-house designing facility, powered by cutting edge technology including software & hardware, facilitates the designing diagram and flow chart so that we can achieve original as well as functional design of the machines. We do custom-design the machines in agreement with specification and configuration required by the clients, This has come about because of our sophisticated infrastructural set-up, that is integrated with imported and high-tech machines, which are used to carry out different works like construction, design, polishing, testing and etc.

Our production unit is equipped with latest machines such as:
Quality Control Strategy

Jaypee India Ltd., an ISO certified company, is well in agreement with manufacturing norms and quality grade determined by ISO. Our in- house Quality Test Team gets involved in very first stage of construction and designing and keep minute watch till the completion of fabrication. As a result, the quality of the products is optimum and above general standards. We believe in streamlining the production technique and method rather than redressing the flaw of the products. We are cautious about the constituents and technology used in production, besides conducting test on application and operational efficiency of the machine. We, further perform a series of tests based on following parameters:

ISO Certification

The company is certified by TUB SUD South Asia who executes certification process and making decision. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified who achieved the certification for its multiple facilities. Quality is impregnated in our diverse verticals and continuously deliver and improve our commitments to all stakeholders.

Client Satisfaction

We are committed to complete client-satisfaction so do we assume customer- centric policies and measures. Since we have been in the industry, we delivered the product on time, complying with the quality benchmark though at the most competitive price. Today, we have forged wide repute in the market and got prominent clients, spanning from big distributor to small contractors. Furthermore, we are reckoned Bar Bending Machine and Bar Cutting Machine manufacturer and supplier of the industry.