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Our Products

Rebar Processing Equipments

Rebar Processing Equipments are designed for cutting, bending and handling of steel bars etc. These systems are well-engineered, compact and high-output solutions. They offer easy, efficient, safe and continuous processing. Also, they are designed to meet various grades of rebar. We keep up with rugged, economical and heavy-duty steel bar production equipments.

Concrete Processing Equipments

We offer concrete processing equipments for small to large production needs. Our concrete processors are engineered to be powerful, long-lasting & effective. They are suited for a range of materials and building construction applications. They are used for the construction of bridges, roads, commercial buildings, and large industrial projects. The innovative design of equipments ensure consistent & high-speed concrete process.

Light Concrete Compaction Equipments

We have a unique portfolio of light concrete compaction equipments. These are specifically designed for growing construction sectors needs. Our equipment guarantees superior compaction efficiency. They offer perfect solutions for making durable concrete surfaces. Our compactors handle various conditions and meet your challenging needs. They are designed for versatility, and for any job-site.

Material Handling Equipments

We offer material handling equipments that are perfect for the movement, control & protection of materials. They are requisite in many industrial processes, construction works, and manufacturing etc. Our equipments are used to maximize productivity, increase output and control costs. Also, they work efficiently, reliably and safely. We offer economical and effective material handling/loading/lifting solutions.

Hoist Machines

Our hoist machines are innovative systems for today's construction and maintenance projects. They are used to lift or handle concrete, and various construction materials. These units are engineered to meet strength, performance and efficiency requirements. The hoists ensure safety and efficacy at construction sites. They are ideal machines for lifting loads, raising and lowering materials etc.

Shearing Machines

Our shearing machines are essential steel bar processing machines. They are used to cut heat rolling steel, screw thread steel, and carbon steel etc. The machines are crucial for many construction projects. They are designed to meet several cutting jobs and requirements. The robust construction ensures high rigidity and strength to the machines. There is excellent shear safety, efficiency and accuracy.

Compaction Equipments

Our compaction equipments are available in several configurations, so as to meet light to medium compacting needs. They are designed to be versatile, efficient, and suit different conditions. They are used for compaction of all types of soils. The compact design makes the equipments ideal for confined spaces. We have perfect compaction machinery to cover every base.

Batching Plants

Our concrete plants or batching plants are developed for excellent yields and cost benefits. They combine various ingredients effectively to form quality concrete. We keep up with innovative plants and perfect mixing specifications. They are designed for best quality, efficiency and maximum flexibility. Our plants are utilized for ready mix, construction applications and civil infrastructure.

Batch Mix Plants

Our innovative batch mix plants have proven design and effective process coupled with latest mixing technology. They give hassle-free, easy and high performance solutions to contractors. Our plants guarantee top quality and required flexibility for your construction projects. We keep up with excellent concrete mixing specifications. The plants are used for roads, civil construction, and other projects.

Concrete Batching Plants

Our concrete batching plants are engineered for mixing the various ingredients of concrete, effectively. They produce homogenous and perfect quality concrete. The plants are used for concrete road construction, railways projects, high rise construction, real estate projects, etc. There is a variety of design, batch size, material storage, and effective mixer technology.